Choose Your Keywords Wisely


You need to choose your words wisely but especially your keywords. These words are the phrases that are typed into search engines to find solutions to problems.

keywordsThe words you use in the content on your website is how the search engines learn where to index each page that has content. Each of these words in the words surrounding them have the potential to match the search phrase that someone types into the search engine.

There are many factors that Google and the other search engines use to determine where you will showing the results for any given search phrase.

One of the major things that will help you be seen by potential customers is how relevant the content on your page Google thinks your page is to the intent of the search.

The words or phrases that were used in your content to tell the search engines and potential customers what your business is about can also be used as bullet points in printed materials and advertisements.

Too many business owners list the features of a product or service that’s being sold and leave out the benefits of those features to the consumer.

Every time a potential customer evaluates your product whether it’s in person, through an ad, by looking at your website, by talking to a sales person or by looking at your printed literature they will unconsciously, if not consciously, seeking the answers to what’s in it for me.

Regardless of the method used to get more information about your product or service, you and your staff must make clear exactly what the benefits to the consumer are of using your product or service and why your company is the best provider for them.

Your business must have a good online reputation to even get a shot at sharing with the customer what’s in it for them.

You, your sales team and all of your sales materials my show your expertise, your professionalism and a desire to help your consumers reach their goals.

Customers don’t always know exactly what they need to solve their problem and they may not be good at communicating that with you.

A good conversation that gets them to tell you what they need to get done can help you steer them to the right solution even if it isn’t what they originally thought the solution might be.

When you know how your product or service is going to be used by your customer, you will have a good idea whether or not it’s the right solution.

Even if your product or service solves part of the problem but not the whole problem, you may be able to help your customer get everything they need to complete the job.

This has the potential of putting more money in your pocket while creating a customer that is much happier than they would’ve been if they discovered, after they got home, that they needed something more or different than what they bought to accomplish their goal.

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Choose Your Keywords Wisely

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