Are you successful in your life or business? How do you know? Are you tracking your progress?

Many marketers track their advertising to see whether it is making them money but there is more to track than that.

You can track:

•    Where your traffic is originating.
•    Pages visited.
•    The average number of pages viewed per visitor.
•    What percentage are new visitors versus return visitors.
•    The average amount of time visitors remain on your site.
•   The bounce rate. (The percentage of visitors that leave without clicking anything.)
•    And more

These numbers are very important.

You might think you are doing well because you are making money. When you want to increase your income you go find more traffic, right?

If you had the stats mentioned above, you might be able to tweak your web site look, content or fine tune your advertising to convert more visitors into buyers.

This tweaking will take time and testing but a tracking program like Google Analytics will give you a wealth of data to work with.

Imagine taking the same number of visitors you currently have and generating 5% to 80% more sales from them without adding a single new customer.

A good statistical program for your web site will do wonders for tracking your success online. You will need other methods for tracking your personal development and business offline. Tracking and success are intertwined or they should be.

Tracking and Success

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