Almost everyone that has been in business for any length of time knows article marketing is extremely powerful. Video marketing is starting to show its power.

Read just about any book on marketing that talk about traffic generation and creating inbound links and you see article marketing as one of the best methods available for free.

As powerful as article marketing is, it is falling short with the younger generation because they grew up with radio, television and computers.

Video is the preferred method for information with many BUT it hasn’t been possible for most until the last year or two for a couple of VERY important reasons.

1. Broadband was available to a large enough audience. This is important because audio and video require more bandwidth and speed.
2. The cost of both the hardware and software needed to create good multimedia presentations were too expensive for many marketers.

Everything has come together nicely for the new marketer to enter a playing field that hasn’t been completely dominated by the big time marketers, yet.

ArticlesBin knows article marketing is still a very powerful tool and they ALSO recognize that video marketing is just as powerful if not more so. Their solution to these two seemingly different advertising mediums is to create a platform where YOU can write your articles AND embed videos in them for pennies a day.

Videos, by their nature, cannot be optimized as well for search engines as articles can. Articles by their design don’t attract as many people as videos do.

Combine these two in one article within the ArticlesBin Article directory and you have a marketing piece that is optimized for the search engines AND the reader that want video.

I invite you to review ArticlesBin to see if their service fits into your article marketing and video marketing strategy.

Article Marketing and Video Marketing Equal Power

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  • March 16, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Well, article marketing is not all about getting links. It’s about getting our articles published on the most popular sites and article directories that accept article submissions and there by increase traffic and earn more profits. Thanks for sharing this valuable post.


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