5 Local Search Marketing And SEO Mistakes

Local business owners need to understand that local search marketing is a complex process that can be time-consuming and overwhelming to novices and DIYers.

Some business owners and their staff do extremely well with some of what’s needed but they overlook or are totally lost when it comes to consistently implementing some of what is needed.

1. Ignoring Data Aggregators

Google is the largest aggregator of data on the planet and they get a lot of their information for local listings from other data aggregators such as:

These local aggregators give Google a better understanding of the local businesses within each category and community.

You can and should optimize the title tags on your website to give your local business a boost by using the four data aggregators listed above.

2. By Not Creating A Local Page For Each Of Your Business Locations

If you have more than one location for your business, you need to have a separate page for each location and content that is unique to that location.

By having a crawlable page for each location, you are letting the search engines know that you have more than one location and the unique content to let your website visitors know what products and services are offered at each location.

3. You Don’t Give People A Chance To Talk About Your Business

Each page of your website should give the visitors to that site the ability to share your content on their favorite social sites.

You should also make a concerted effort to actively collect feedback about your business from each and every customer at each location.

When people take the time to leave a review or to share your content, you should take the time to acknowledge their action by saying thank you for the share or by telling those that had problems what you are doing to rectify the problem so the chances of it happening again are minimized.

4. Not Using Localized Content On Your Pages

You may know that you need to have the right keyword phrases in your content to attract the type of visitor that you need to acquire new customers.

Unfortunately, many business owners that are optimizing their sites for local search marketing fail to use ZIP Codes, nearby neighborhoods or communities or even neighborhood attractions in their content.

If you do happen to choose the right keywords to get traffic to your product or service pages, have you taken the time to go in and re-optimize that page for related keywords?

Most pages of your website that are getting traffic are attracting visitors they use keywords that you never even thought of using so by re-optimizing the page to include the new keywords, your opening the door for even more visitors that may be using search terms that are related to the new keywords that you just added to the page.

5. You Don’t Use Structured Data On Your Local Search Marketing Website

Google and the other search engines have openly stated that they like sites that use structured data. Structured data is a markup language that tells the search engine spiders what the content of your website is about without them having to crawl the site.

This saves the crawler time and it saves the search engines money because they don’t have to use computing power to figure out what the data retrieved by the crawler is about so that it can be indexed.

When the search engine knows exactly what the content of the page is about as soon as the crawler returns, the page gets indexed much faster than pages that have to be analyzed before it can be indexed.

Google rewards webmasters that use structured data with higher rankings because they know with certainty what the content is about but 80% of websites still aren’t using structured data.

Start using structured data as soon as possible and you’ll get a jump on your competitors.

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5 Local Search Marketing And SEO Mistakes

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