The Importance Of Video Marketing Increases Every Day

Video marketing is vital because that’s where your buyers are & the only way to get your offer in front of them is to market where they hang out. See why below.

YouTube Marketing

youtube marketingPlacing videos on YouTube is a no-brainer because that is where 42% of all online videos are watched by consumers.

Over half of these consumers are using mobile devices to watch your videos and the majority of these people are probably going to be within the age group that you are targeting as an ideal customer.

YouTube is a property that’s owned by Google and the advantage of this for marketers is that videos that rank well in YouTube usually rank well in Google.

If you can master this platform and create engaging videos that consistently rank well and convert well, you’ll have video assets that will generate leads and sales for you from 2 of the 3 most used search sites on the net.

Facebook Marketing

You know you need a Facebook business page but you don’t know what to put on it for content and may facebook marketingfeel that you don’t have time to consistently add fresh content to your page.

One type of content that you should be adding here on a regular basis is videos because videos on Facebook are watched, liked and shared more than any other type of content.

Paid video advertising on Facebook is also less expensive than their normal ads and they have a higher conversion rate.

Facebook is creating their own video sharing site to compete with YouTube.

Another thing to consider is that Facebook states that they have 1 billion people a day accessing their platform using their mobile app and that 90% of their revenue is coming from mobile.

Since paid video advertising is the least expensive form of advertising on Facebook and mobile devices are how Facebook users access the site, your paid video ads need to be geared towards the mobile user.

Don’t forget that Facebook and YouTube are in a battle to see which is going to be the second most used site behind Google.

Other Video Sharing Opportunities

Daily Motion, Vimeo,, blogs and webpages are other places that you can share your video content.

Each place you share your videos and that people that like your videos share them gives you increased exposure and helps increase your authority within your niche.

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The Importance Of Video Marketing Increases Every Day

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