Your Website Deserves As Much Thought As A Marketing Brochure

Many business owners will throw up a website without thinking about the look, feel and message it conveys to the visitor. See why this is a Marketing mistake.

Marketing Brochures And Flyers

If you are like many business owners, you probably did one or more of the following when you created your printed marketing materials:

  • hired a graphics designer to get the look just right
  • hired a copywriter to create text that sells
  • tried several different fonts, colors, papers and layouts to see which one works best
  • sent test mailings with different brochures to see which was the most effective

Direct mail campaigns are expensive so it’s vital that you have marketing materials that convert well.

Because of this, most business owners will take the time and spend the money that’s needed to get the message across so that they get the highest possible ROI.

Website Development

Unfortunately, too many business owners are lost in the world of online marketing so they aren’t willing to invest the time and money to develop their online presence so that it sends the right message to potential prospects and customers.

Too many small business owners fail in one or more of the following:

  • they look for the cheapest web host that’s available without considering quality (Most don’t know what to look for in a quality web host.)
  • they take the DIY approach and put up websites that look amateurish or outdated (Many of these websites are on hosts that advertise on TV but that doesn’t mean they will look professional or rank well in Google if they rank at all. Google will deliver the most visitors if used correctly.)
  • they use website builders that look outdated from the 1st day
  • they fail to put content on the website that tells the visitor what to do next
  • they do not build a consistent brand between their website and all of the different social media sites that they should be on
  • they hire a graphics designer to design their website for looks instead of having a design created that graphically delivers the message they want the website to make along with their content
  • they put up a website without deciding what message they want the website to deliver (i.e. a Digital Business card, a digital brochure, an informational site, a marketing site, etc.)
  • they fail to organize their website content so the visitor can quickly and easily find the information that they are seeking

Website Marketing

Too many business owners put up a website then don’t include it in their marketing budget.

websiteYour website and other virtual storefronts should be marketing tools that deserve the majority of your marketing budget because most of your prospects use their smart phones, tablets or computers to research the products or services they plan to buy. Your print advertising and any other form of free or paid advertising that is done for your business should be secondary to your online marketing.

Marketing online is much different than marketing off-line so you’d be wise to hire an online marketing specialist that’s a good fit for you even if they aren’t the cheapest.

Successful online marketing for a local business is more than just:

  • putting up a website that looks good then ignoring it
  • creating social profiles on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. (You need to create profiles that are relevant to your niche and then you need to actively use those profiles to engage your audience.)
  • Creating local directory listings
  • adding YouTube videos to your YouTube channel

Every digital storefront that you have online is potentially a virtual asset that should be branded to your business, when possible, and regular content should be added to each if is designed to have fresh content. (You may not own some of these virtual assets but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to grow your business.)

The foundation of your online marketing strategy should be the 5 star reputation that you work to build and market.

None of the marketing that you do online will work unless you have a good online reputation because 92% of all potential customers read online reviews and 97% of the consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 use your online reputation as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with you.

If your online reputation is and up to par and your website is outdated or doesn’t deliver the right message to your prospects, let’s talk. My number is (863) 274-1859 and am available between 2 PM and 7 PM Eastern.

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Your Website Deserves As Much Thought As A Marketing Brochure
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