5 Tips On How To Choose Your Business Domain Name

The business domain name that you choose is very important to you, your customers and any future owner when you decide to sell your business. The tips are:

  1. Include the topic of your business in the domain name, especially in competitive markets. (I.e. plumber, dentist, laser hair removal, etc.)
  2. Keep the name on topic. (Many dentists and doctors specialize in a single discipline so it’s necessary to focus on just one area of your practice. I.e. cosmetic dentist, family dentist, etc.) This focus tells potential customers in the search engines exactly what you are specializing in within your industry.
  3. Your brand is important but do not include your name if you ever intend to sell your business or leave a business that your family can sell after you pass. (Is your brand suitable for resale or is it tied directly to your name? For Example: John Doe DDS might be you but it has little resale value where the company name of Gotham City Family Dentist is a brand that can live on past your ownership of the business.)
  4. Make sure your domain name is easy to remember and spell for both you and your customers. (Don’t worry about buying up all the possible miss spellings because the search engines usually AutoCorrect misspelled words.)
  5. Keep the domain name under 5 syllables. (The longer the domain name is the harder it is to remember and the harder it will be for you to put it on a business card.)

Business cards, flyers, brochures and ads will be lost or forgotten but an easy to remember domain name will be easy to recall and share.

For Example: there are multiple businesses out there with the name McCoy & Associates but there is only one www.itsaboutcash.com

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5 Tips On How To Choose Your Business Domain Name

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