Your business model and some creative thinking may make a huge difference in how well your business does.

I read an article in the last week or two about two different authors. The first author wrote and sold 10 articles a week on a single topic to content sites for $20 a piece which netted him $200 for his time. This is nice pocket money but he’ll never get rich or build a business out of it.

Author two took a completely different approach which opened up a lot of possibilities. Here is the approach taken by author two:

  • Write 10 new articles on a single topic like author one did.
  • Sell those 10 topic specific articles as a private label rights article pack to 100 people.
  • Price the PLR packs at $10 each so the customer couldn’t have quality ghost written articles done for less.
  • Add every buyer to a customers’ only database so a mailing list was created. (Mailing lists are an asset.)
  • The ability to add a one time offer, a related product or some kind of upgrade is possible with this approach.

Author one can only increase his in come by writing and selling more articles since his business model has him locked into that means of income generation.

The business model author two chose has a great deal of flexibility for additional income. Adding PLR graphics as an upgrade on the backend, adding an auto-responder series, adding blog posts or writing and adding an ebook with private label rights are all possibilities for additional revenue.

Once author two gets established, the consumer can be asked what topics THEY want PLR written on. The mailing list of buyers will make it much easier to sell the 100 PLR packs without much marketing and delivering a quality product on topics your customers choose will make them VERY loyal.

I suggest you look at your current business model to see if you can tweak it to create additional revenue without doing much, if any, extra work.

A Tale of Two Business Models
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