How To Get Video Testimonials That Convert

Video testimonials are great things to get for your business. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t how to get a video testimonial or get one that converts.

Video Equipment

video testimonialMany business owners don’t even try to get video testimonials from the customers because they think they need expensive video equipment and lighting to get the proper video.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most modern smart phones have cameras capable of shooting videos that are good enough to serve your purposes.

To get the highest possible quality out of the videos that you shoot, you should buy a tripod for your phone and a Lavalier microphone. These two pieces of equipment will ensure that your video is steady in the sound quality is good.

I’m sure that there is a least one area within your business that has lighting good enough for you shoot a short video of your customer giving you a video testimonial.

Video Content

You need to make sure that the video that you shoot has the four pieces of content to maximize the potential for conversion.

The reviewer’s name – the person giving you the review needs to state their first name and our last name.

The reviewer’s location – the reviewer needs to say the city and state in which they are located.

How the reviewer benefited from your product or service – the reviewer needs to clearly state how they benefited by what they bought from you.

Why the reviewer would recommend you – the reviewer needs to clearly state why they would recommend you to somebody else so that people watching the video will understand why they should consider conducting their business with you.

When a video contains these four elements the answer the questions that everybody has whether they voice them or not and the questions are:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • Why

The question of when is irrelevant when doing research on a company that sells the product or service they need to solve a problem.

Once you have the video testimonial, you need to know how to properly optimize it for the search engines before you uploaded to your YouTube channel.

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How To Get Video Testimonials That Convert

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