Does Your Business Use Stories To Get Your Sales Message Across?

Your sales message may be getting lost in all the noise people have in their everyday lives unless you are using a story to stand out. See why this is so vital.

The Noise

seo part of the marketing puzzleNoise is often referred to as information overload. Your customers and potential customers receive many different types of information from many different sources and some of these are:

  • television
  • radio
  • friends
  • family
  • coworkers
  • online videos i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, etc.
  • website content
  • website advertising
  • newspapers
  • billboards
  • snail mail adds
  • paid search engine ads
  • and more!

The Solution

People don’t remember ads for very long but they do remember stories that they can relate too much longer.

A good story that gets your message across usually have the following elements:

  1. a hero or heroine (one of your customers)
  2. the journey that is undertaken by them
  3. the monster (your customer’s problem) raises his ugly head
  4. the hero or heroine fights and wins
  5. moral of the story is revealed

Your stories must be real and they must be about real customers that had real problems that your product or services helped them solve.

For Example:

Jane Doe is a small business owner in Tampa that runs a laser hair removal service and she was having trouble getting growth

She tried the DIY approach to marketing first but found out that traditional off-line marketing methods were not bringing her enough customers to compete against established laser hair removal services that were established or part of a national franchise.

If she wanted to thrive against this franchisee and other competitors, she had to find a way to get her message heard while spending only a fraction that was being spent by them.

She contacted my partner and I and had us help her develop and implement an online marketing strategy and plan that included local search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation marketing.

She is now the proud owner of a business that is dominating the city in which she is located and some of the nearby communities for more than 20 keywords.

Since she has established a five-star reputation on both Google and Yelp As Well as other local directories, she has stated that approximately 80% of all new customers tell her they have chosen her because of her online reputation.

When she began this journey, she had no online reputation and was in danger of losing her business but she has reached a point where she has had the hire a new employee so that she can have at least one day a week off and she can start to be more selective in the clientele that she’s willing to service.

Are you getting the majority of your business online referrals (new business that finds you because of your local online presence and great online reputation?)

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Does Your Business Use Stories To Get Your Sales Message Across?

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