If you’ve looked around lately, video articles are popping up on many websites and blogs. There is a VERY good reason for this. Video is the future of marketing.

We have a whole generation of people that grew up with multimedia. The majority of these rely on television, radio and the internet for their news and information. They’ve lived most of their lives with 30 second sound bites.

Knowing that this generation relies heavily on multimedia it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to figure out that video sites like YouTube will do VERY well for a long period of time.

Every day, more marketers are figuring out that the video hosting sites like YouTube are great places to host videos that are anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length. If configured and presented properly, the hosting site will deliver traffic to your video. The problem with video and these sites is that the videos are hard to index so the reader and the search engine can find the right match.

Smart marketers are using their blogs and websites to house video articles. These are articles that have a corresponding video embedded in it.

The power of these video articles cannot be stressed enough.

You may already KNOW that article marketing is a great way to build trust with readers. Articles, when written correctly, are also very search engine friendly.

Well written and search engine friendly articles that have videos embedded in them are an extremely powerful marketing tool.

These video articles are so powerful because the videos are able to deliver more information faster than text. The text tells the search engines EXACTLY how to categorize your marketing article and the total package can build trust and desire without looking like a sales page.

I see video article marketing as the future, it is happening now in many places and one article directory has modified their business model to include the ability to submit video articles for a fee. The ArticlesBin Video Article Marketing Directory is the article directory that has adapted their business model to embrace the future.

The Future of Marketing IS Here

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