An SEO Strategy That Works For DIYers


You know that online marketing is important for your business but SEO might as well be a foreign language you don’t have time to learn. This strategy is easy.

Content For SEO

seo part of the marketing puzzleNever write content for the search engines.

Visitors to your website are either customers that are already fans of your business or they are prospects seeking solutions to an existing problem.

Every piece of content that you add to your website should be geared towards one or both of these groups.

The search engines may deliver the traffic to you based on the words in your content which are used to determine the topic of that podcast, infographic, post or video.

Your content is used to educate someone on why they should do business with you or it is used to give them tips to get the most out of the product or service that you are selling.

Never underestimate the power of sharing your expert tips on building trust in the eyes of the people consuming what you put online.

You don’t have to give away the store but you do need to give away enough information to make them hungry for more.

Search engine spiders are getting smarter every day.

The bots that crawl your webpages collect every word in the order that it is presented on the page but when it is delivered back to Google the computers there use that information to better understand the topic that is being covered.

This knowledge is used to index that webpage and to, hopefully, deliver more relevant results to the searchers.

Consistency Is Key

If you schedule a time to post content on your website or blog on a regular basis, you’ll find that the search engine spiders and your fans will return on a regular basis.

The search engines need a steady supply of fresh content to keep searchers coming back and they reward the sites that supply them fresh content on a regular basis.

Quality content that is added to a website on a daily, weekly, biweekly or some other schedule will have the search engine spiders coming back on whatever schedule you have in place just so they can get the fresh content they crave.

If this fresh content happens to match a search query made by someone that has a problem that your business may help solve, you could very well get the click that could bring you a potential customer.

Video is the preferred format for most consumers and it is usually the easiest type of content to rank in both YouTube and on Google.

If you do put a video up, it’s usually a good idea to put the transcript right below it on your webpage because some people prefer to read instead of watch.

Include images when they help illustrate the meaning of what you are trying to say and link out to authority websites that may help clarify a segment or give your reader additional information.

Making time in your schedule to create something new for your website on a set schedule may seem like a burden but the potential rewards are worth the effort and you might even find it fun to share your knowledge with your fans.

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An SEO Strategy That Works For DIYers

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