An SEO Strategy That Works For DIYers Part 3

Another piece of an SEO strategy is the social media sites that are important to your niche. Not all social media sites are important to your business. See why.


The age and gender of your customer base will help determine which social media sites you should be on to be seen by your target market.

People from different age groups and different professions often use different social media platforms to connect.

LinkedIn is a platform where many professionals connect.

Facebook used to be where young people congregated to interact with each other but now it’s used more by adults that want to connect with their friends, children, grandchildren and other family members.

The Facebook business pages are important to you because they can be set as a place which is Facebook’s way of categorizing the page as a local directory page which will include a map to your business, store hours, etc.

Your customers can leave reviews for you on your Facebook business page and leave a star rating for you just like they can on Google and other local directories.

Twitter seems to be used by all age groups and Twitter has an on-again off-again relationship with Google which allows their tweets to be indexed by Google.

Customer Service

You know that good customer service is important for the reputation of your business.

Unfortunately, some of your customers will go to social media to complain about their experience instead of coming to your store, your website or calling you.

If for no other reason, you need to be present on the different social media platforms and attempting to engage your customers so that you can be part of the conversation when there is a problem.

Engaging your audience on social media sites is never easy.

Most people I know go to Facebook to either be entertained, to ask for recommendations about a type of business from friends and family or to search to see if a business that has been referred to them has any reviews on Facebook.

Many of the other social sites are also used mostly for entertainment purposes with LinkedIn being the major exception to the rule.

Almost all of the social media sites are, however, used by people that want to complain about a product or service that was received.

A few, but not many, make sure positive experiences on the social media sites.

If you hook up with the right company, however, you can use the sites to actively market a 5 star reputation that you’ve worked hard to build a for your business.


I stated several times on this blog how important it is for you to build, monitor and manage your online reputation.

I’ve also stated that this is, unfortunately, one important piece of a good SEO strategy that business owners cannot do themselves.

You also need to remember that your off-line business reputation does not necessarily translate or equal to your online business reputation.

Since 92% of all consumers read online reviews and 97% of the consumers between ages 18 and 34 use those online reviews to make a buying decision, can you afford not to use this as a foundation on which you build your online presence?

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An SEO Strategy That Works For DIYers Part 3

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