If you haven’t heard of pay per play, you haven’t been watching income opportunities. I hadn’t signed up before today because I just didn’t believe they could pull everything together and survive. I’m still not convinced they can BUT I joined and placed the code on my site just in case.

This program is free to join BUT new sign ups will be suspended later this week.

What finally tipped the scale for me to join was the latest blog post at http://www.sellingppp.com/blog/.

I like the idea of free passive income.

I realize this isn’t for everyone and not everyone has a website but if you have a website or are willing to put one online and start generating traffic to it, this could put some extra jingle in your pocket.

You can find out more about pay per play or join at http://www.sellingppp.com/a.cgi?ppp=1205159099 but don’t think too long or you may be locked out.

I don’t know if pay per play is real but I’m willing to add a bit of javascript to my site on the chance that it is. Are YOU willing to put your name and site up for the possibility of free passive income?

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