An SEO Strategy That Works For DIYers Part 4


A great SEO strategy for all business owners but especially local business owners is video marketing. This method is both affordable & effective. See why below.

Videos And The Search Engines

seo strategyThe three most used search engines are Google, YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube is a video sharing platform that has so many videos uploaded each day that it gets the second most searches next to Google.

Videos that are properly optimized in the content, in the title and in the description often rank well in YouTube.

Google is the most popular search engine and since they own YouTube they like to show videos that rank well in YouTube in their search results because they know that consumers like video.

Facebook is trying to compete with YouTube and they have started their own video sharing service and properly tagged videos that are uploaded to Facebook will show up in Facebook searches as well as in the news feeds of your Facebook friends.

The 3 sites listed above are the most used search engines on the Internet and the power of having your video displayed prominently on any one of the three cannot be denied.

If, however, you properly optimize your video and upload it to both YouTube and Facebook it has the potential to show up near the top in the search results on more than one of the sites and it could, potentially, bring you more customers.

Video Is Too Expensive

Many business owners think that video is too expensive or complicated to use in their business but this is not true.

Almost every business owner I know has a family and because of this they usually have a camcorder. These camcorders often have the ability to connect to your computer.

Even if you don’t have a camcorder, you more than likely have a smart phone and almost every modern smart phone has the ability to shoot high definition video which can either be sent to your computer or shared online.

If you think your hand is too shaky to hold the phone steady while you shoot a video, you can buy a tripod that will hold your phone in the horizontal position, which is the best position for shooting video, for less than $50.

Before you shoot your first video with your smart phone, I highly recommend that you go to Amazon or another retailer and buy a Lavalier mic with a windscreen so that you will get professional sound when you record.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, there is even a free app that you can download to edit your video before you upload it to the marketing

Always shoot your video with your phone in landscape mode (the horizontal position) so that it looks more professional and is oriented correctly when viewed by others.

There are also tripods for android devices and Lavalier mics that will work on them as well.

If you don’t want to use a smart phone or a camcorder to shoot your video, you can use your webcam while sitting in front of your computer.

Google Hangouts has a learning curve but once you get the basics down you can do a PowerPoint presentation, do over the shoulder training as you do stuff on the Internet or look directly into the camera so you can talk directly to your audience.

Many consumers prefer to receive their information by video instead of by the written word.

Everyone seems to be pressed for time in today’s world and if I were to place this article in a video instead of writing it the video would be just a little over 2 minutes in length.

Would you prefer to receive content like this in an article like this or through a video?

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An SEO Strategy That Works For DIYers Part 4

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