Do You Have A Business Email Or Mailing List And Not Know It?

A business email list is an important asset but that isn’t the only list that you probably have for your business. See what other lists you might have.

Email ListSome of the most common lists that you may have that you don’t think about are:

  • your list of employees
  • your list of suppliers
  • your list of dealers or affiliates
  • your list of competitors
  • your list of strategic partners
  • the list of advertisers that you use
  • the list of groups or organizations that your business sponsors
  • the list of contacts on each of your business’s social media profiles
  • the list of companies that you pay regularly for things such as rent, utilities, loans etc.

The relationship that you have with each of these lists will either directly or indirectly influence the success or failure of your business almost as much as the relationship you have with the customers on your buyer list.

Every person that you interact with in the course of conducting business has the ability to pass on to others how they feel about you and your business.

The information that is shared with others in their sphere of influence usually helps build or destroy your reputation based on their experiences with you and your business.

Your list may be scattered in a number of places that you don’t even think about and some of these are:

  • your Rolodex
  • your business card holder
  • a fishbowl you let customers drop their business cards in
  • a bulletin board you allow customers to pin flyers to
  • on your desk or in it
  • in your email clients contact list

It doesn’t matter where your various lists are stored as long as you have them organized so that you can use them to build your business.

It’s also important to remember that the less our business assets that may be used to evaluate the net worth of your business if you decide to sell it.

Every time you or one of your employees interacts with a current or a potential customer your attitude towards that person and the relationship you have with them will affect the potential of making a sale either today or in the future.

You should never overlook the potential that each employee, vendor or delivery person has for bringing you new business.

The best public relations you can have is a culture in your business that encourages people to build relationships as friends that want to help solve problems that exist for the people that you encounter in your community.

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Do You Have A Business Email Or Mailing List And Not Know It?
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