Why Is Video Marketing So Effective?

Video marketing is very effective & it’s important for almost every business with an online presence. Your videos are more than just selling tools. Here’s why.

video marketingHere’s a few things that make video marketing effective:

  • YouTube is the site people go to most often to find videos on how to solve a variety of problems
  • consumers want to watch a video instead of read the written word
  • your content looks the same across all devices
  • a two minute video delivers as much content as a 500 word article
  • videos engage both sight and sound so the information is retained longer
  • some content is easier to comprehend when it is seen rather than read
  • potential customers are in a hurry and video content is delivered quickly

Even though video marketing is more effective than the written word, many business owners think it’s too expensive or too hard to do so they still deliver their content using text.

With many of your competitors sticking to text only for content delivery, it’s much easier to for you to rank your videos on YouTube, Daily Motion and other video sharing platforms.

Videos Are Business Assets

Every video that you add to your website, to your customized YouTube channel, to Facebook and to other video sharing services is an asset that has the potential to bring you new business.

YouTube and the other video sharing sites are authority sites in the eyes of Google so the link you put in each video description adds a little authority to your website and business.

Videos And Search

YouTube is one of the top three search engines used by consumers and it’s much easier to rank a video in YouTube when it’s optimized properly than it is to get a page to rank well on Google.

You may also see your Vimeo and Daily Motion videos rank well on their respective sites and on Google.

Facebook has started their own video sharing service so videos that you upload to Facebook may help you improve engagement amongst your friends and fans.

Like other video sharing services, the videos that you upload to Facebook will play well across all devices.

The videos that you upload to any service can usually be embedded on a page on a website or on many of the Web 2.0 properties that exist online.

Your customers, the search engines and the bottom line of your business may benefit when you introduce video into the marketing plan for your business.

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Why Is Video Marketing So Effective?

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