Targeted traffic isn’t as easy to generate as it used to be. You may have figured out that there is no secret or magic bullet but there are ways to get traffic.

Article Marketing

Article marketing has been a great way to generate targeted traffic for quite some time but a lot of people think they are unable to write. The solution for you if you feel you cannot write might be private label rights articles that you can edit and call your own.

Web 2.0

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to save links to your site in places where you can access them from any computer, where you can associate keywords with each link, and where you can allow others access to your bookmarks. There are hundreds, if not, thousands of these social bookmark sites with about 100 of them being very popular.

If you are an active member within certain social bookmark communities and write on a popular topic, your post may receive hundreds to thousands of visitors within a few hours.

Social Networking

If you don’t know what social networks are, I think of them as the online equivalent of industry trade groups. People in almost any niche can find a social network just for that niche. Once you join, it’s your responsibility to create a profile that’s interesting, informative and truthful so you can go into the community and start creating friendships. These friendships may prove invaluable in joint ventures or targeted traffic.

RSS Feeds

The RSS is an acronym for Real Simple Syndication and the important thing about it is the visitor has complete control. They subscribe and unsubscribe without you knowing about it and they can tell from the excerpt whether they are interested enough in the topic to visit your site to read the full article. This empowerment in a fast paced world is a necessity in a successful site.


You need to allow comments AND you need to allow your visitors to subscribe to comments. People know what they want these days and giving them the opportunity to interact with you and each other may help you get ideas for future posts or products.

Video Marketing

I recently read an ebook that stated that YouTube shows about 200 million videos a day and has 65,000 new videos a day being uploaded. I then read in an internet marketing forum that there is another free video hosting site that gets even more traffic than YouTube. There are about 30 different top tier video hosting sites you can submit videos to as a means to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Some of the most watched videos are seen millions of times and are spread virally. Don’t you think you’d be happy with a piece of that traffic?

Video Article Marketing

Video article marketing is combining a search engine friendly and optimized article with a video that’s on topic to create a single marketing piece that delivers a lot of information in one place.

Your video article will deliver a very powerful message to the audience you want which will bring the targeted traffic you want if you do your video and article the right way AND put them in the right place. Placing your video article on a blog that isn’t visited often by either search engines or real people is a waste of time BUT put these in an article directory like ArticlesBin that allows video articles for a nominal fee makes good business sense.

ArticlesBin is an article directory that is set up to be Web 2.0 friendly, it has multiple categories to improve targeting, it gets visited regularly by both search engines and unique visitors plus the terms allow webmasters to put your material on their websites which gives YOU more exposure.
I recently encountered an informative book with strategies you can use to bring targeted traffic to your website in 2008. Subscribers to ItsAboutCash News will have the download link mailed to them. You can join us by adding your name and email address on the upper left side of this page.

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P.S. There are many ways to get targeted traffic and these are just a few of the many that work if you are willing to put in consistent effort.

Targeted Traffic and You

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