How To Respond To Bad Reviews

Unfortunately, people often read a bad review first & it only takes one bad review on a directory to give your business a bad reputation. See how to respond.

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As the video states, you must always be professional when responding to a negative review on a local directory.

Most people will read the feedback left by the customer and your response to that feedback.

If your feedback is less than professional and you don’t acknowledge that a mistake was made in the eyes of the consumer, many potential customers may develop a bad impression about your business which could drive them to one of your competitors.

The most recent reviews are usually the ones that are read first. If a negative review is the last review that’s been left and the positive reviews below it are more than six months old then it’s obviously going to have more weight with the consumer.

You will need a steady supply of four and five star reviews to stay relevant with consumers and 6 to 10 of those to overcome one negative review.

It’s important to remember that 92% of all consumers read online reviews and they read 6 to 10 reviews to trust the merchant is going to get their business.

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How To Respond To Bad Reviews

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