How Can A Local Business Increase Sales?

A local business can usually increase sales in many ways. The first step to increasing sales is the most important and it’s often overlooked. See why below.

Improve Your Online Reputation And Visibility

increase business sales92% of consumers read online reviews before they decide where to shop so you need to have a good reputation on every major local directory in your niche.

97% of the consumers between the ages of 18 – 34 will base their buying decisions solely on the reviews that they read and they read 6 to 10 reviews before deciding who they can trust enough to patronize.

Every niche usually has 10 to 12 major directories that you must claim for your business and there can be 100 or more that populate their directories with the information that they find in these major local directories.

Almost every directory has the ability for a customer to leave a review about their experiences with your business.

Some of the major directories are:

  • Google My Business (This includes Google Maps and Google+.)
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Bing
  • Yellow Pages
  • MapQuest
  • Merchant Circle
  • And More Depending Upon Your Niche

As you can see, your business could have a virtual storefront on many different authority sites and they could help bring you more business provided your reputation on that site is better than your competitors. Even if your competitors have a week reputation or no online reputation all on that directory, a potential customer may not trust you enough to do business with you if you don’t have a reputation either.

Do you know what your online visibility and reputation looks like? Click here to see your score.

Increase Sales By Knowing Your Customers

Telling you that you need to know your customers may seem like an obvious statement but how many of you are regularly asking your customers what they want and need when they are in your store, by email or through surveys?

Surveys can often help you uncover areas where you need to improve your business and areas where you’re doing very well.

A survey can also be useful to determine whether or not a new product or service that you are considering is even wanted by your customers.

Depending upon how you word your surveys, you may be able to find out a lot of different information from your consumers that will help you grow your business.

Improve The Looks Of Your Website

The Internet changes so fast that you really need to change the look and feel of your website every couple of years so consumers don’t think it looks stale and outdated.

improve website designEvery major brand is constantly reevaluating how they present their business online because things shift so rapidly.

A few years ago it was perfectly acceptable to have a flash-based website provided you had HTML coding with it that told the search engines what the site was about. Today, however, this type of site has fallen out of favor for many reasons.

Your website must be mobile friendly today or your business is losing business that you may not even know about because more than half of all searches are done from a mobile device and that number is increasing each day.

People expect to find the information they want quickly and easily on your website regardless of the device they are using to seek out what they want.

On a mobile device, that information is often your phone number, address, hours of operation, the products or services you are offering or directions to your place of business.

The information they want to get from the desktop version of your website might include tricks and tips on how to use your product or service in addition to what the mobile searchers are seeking.


How customers find your business isn’t as important as the fact they want to see you as a reputable business owner that takes their wants and needs into account while you maintain a professional look.

Unless you click here to see your online score, you won’t know what your online visibility and reputation looks like at this point in time. The knowledge you gain from that report will give you the information you need to do what’s needed to gain more traffic and sales from your virtual storefronts.

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How Can A Local Business Increase Sales?

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