This article is about achieving a number 3 position for an exact match and 14 for a broad match for a keyword phrase using a blog, SEO and social bookmarking.


These rankings were returned for the keyword phrase “natural remedies products”. The search engine is Google. I entered that phrase into Google with the quotes on 2-22-2008 at 11:00p.m. Eastern and the 1st position was one of my interior pages that had been submitted to Propeller. The second position was an interior page for Natural Remedies Products and the 3rd result was the home page for NRP. This is out of 14,300 indexed pages. was used to find the broad match for natural remedies products without quotes. On this night, the broad match was 14th out of 3,690,000 indexed pages. Your results, if you check this WILL be different because Google is constantly changing.

  • The domain (NRP) was purchased November 1, 2007.
  • WordPress is the blog platform we chose for NRP.
  • Plugins were installed to make the site as SEO friendly as possible.
  • The content has been keyword optimized where possible on each of the targeted phrases.
  • Each and every post was submitted to social bookmarking sites by three of us working as a team to help each other. is the primary attention getter. This used to be Netscape but the name is irrelevant. Quality posts submitted here can be indexed in Google anywhere from a few minutes to a week for brand new domains. I’ve had posts indexed within 10 minutes on established domains. Propeller does deliver traffic over extended periods too because your submissions are added to the Netscape search engine. is a source of ongoing traffic because you MUST take time to surf other blogs IF you submit pages of your own.

Note: It is against the TOS for many social bookmark sites to submit your own pages but you can get away with it on some sites IF you only submit one every 2-3 days AND you surf a minimum of 8-10 other blogs within your area of interest.

I like StumbleUpon because of its wide range of categories. This lets me use it for multiple niches to create traffic and to recognize webmasters that write content I like. This service is also a great way to find good blog posts you can comment on so you are adding to the community AND building your brand. is another service we use but not on every post. Over use of Digg for your stuff will get your account frozen or deleted. is another service we use. This takes an hour or two to get set up because you will have about 20 different social bookmark sites to join.

Hint: Use the same username and password for these sites so they are easier to track and remember.

Once set up, it takes about 5 minutes to submit your post to Onlywire and it automatically logs in and submits to the social bookmark sites you have joined and entered into their system. doesn’t care if you promote your own pages. doesn’t care if you promote your own page.

Be a good citizen in the social bookmarking community and acknowledge the good work done by others and yours will be rewarded by others.

Our team of 3 proved that a new domain, WordPress, SEO, quality content and social bookmarks are a powerful combo to get noticed. To sustain and even improve upon this, we are adding offsite articles, blog comments and some of the other traditional link building strategies.

You might be able to take a new domain to page 1 on Google using this method if you can get a team of 3-6 marketers that are willing to work with you on social bookmarking each others stuff so you each can tap into the social bookmarking muscle.

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Social Bookmarking Muscle Exposed
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