How To Get Quality Leads For Your Local Business

Quality leads are the lifeblood of every business but especially a local business. There are many ways to attract prequalified leads and here are a few:

Build A Five-Star Reputation

Regardless of how you acquire your leads, you will have a tough time converting those leads into sales unless you have a good online reputation in the major local directories for your niche.

Some of these directories are:

  • Google Maps
  • Yelp
  • Bing Local
  • Kudzu
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • And More

It doesn’t matter which of your virtual storefronts people use to find your business because each of the sites listed above has the ability for customers to leave reviews on them.

If you have a bad online reputation or no reputation, the chances of that lead becoming a sale drops dramatically

You can have 200 five-star reviews on Google but that means nothing to the person that’s looking at your business profile on Yelp or Facebook where you have few, if any, reviews.

Quality Leads Through Advertising

seo part of the marketing puzzleIt’s very hard to judge the quality of the leads that come in from paid or organic advertising unless you have a very good sales funnel that prequalified the lead before they hit your sales page.

You need a good sales funnel to prequalify your leads from most types of online and off-line advertising.

One of the best pre-qualifiers has been and always will be legitimate online reviews on local directories because these reviews have been posted to the directory by one of your customers.

Multiple studies have shown that people trust online reviews as much and they trust recommendations from a friend or family member.

One of our clients and clients of several of our associates tell us that 80% of their new customers are coming directly from the reviews that they read on Google, Yelp and other directories.

Since Google gets 67% of the searches, the majority of your traffic and leads will come from there but you can never discount the quality of the traffic that can come from the remaining 33% of the searches.

Google might be the top dog for search but the next two in line are YouTube and Facebook.

90% of the people recently surveyed admitted to watching at least one video online last week so can you afford to ignore YouTube video, Facebook video and other video sharing sites?

Of all the possible ways that local businesses can get quality traffic, Google Maps, Facebook, YouTube and the major directories for your niche have to be placed at or near the top of your traffic generation methods and your online reputation and visibility has to be the best way possible to help you increase conversions.

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How To Get Quality Leads For Your Local Business

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