3 Steps To Getting More Customers For Your Local Business

Getting more customers to your local business on a regular basis may seem hard but it’s possible if you complete the three steps listed below.

Step One

get more customersVisit http://www.youronlinerepscore.com and get a free report that gives you a high-level view of what your online visibility and reputation looks like to the people that are searching for your business.

If you don’t have a clear picture of your online visibility and your online reputation, how will you know what, if anything, needs to be fixed to attract more customers from the various virtual storefronts that exist for your business?

Step Two

Analyze the report to see any errors or areas that could use improvement.

If the report shows that you have a great reputation on some of the directories but not all of them, you need to work to get reviews posted on the directories that don’t have 6-10 five-star reviews on them.

The people looking at one of your virtual storefronts don’t care about your reputation on your other virtual storefronts because they can’t see them without visiting those pages.

We scan approximately 30 different directories to see if you have virtual storefronts on them and to see if the information about your business is consistent across all of them.

Each of these virtual storefronts will show adding minimum:

  • your business name
  • your business address
  • your business phone

All of this information combined is known as your NAP.

Some of these directories will also allow you to display:

  • your website URL
  • your business logo
  • your business hours
  • your business description
  • and more

When you combine this information with your NAP, it’s called a citation.

You want to have as many citations as possible online because each one is a virtual storefront that can attract customers to your business.

Step Three

Fix all of the citations that show inconsistencies in your name, address or phone number and claim your listing on the directories where you don’t already have a presence.

Improve the areas that need improvement on each citation so that people visiting that directory will see your outstanding reputation.

The easiest way to know how your prospects see your business on any major local directory is to visit http://www.youronlinerepscore.com and get the free report that gives you a high-level view of your online presence.

If you don’t know what your prospects are seeking when they search for a business like yours, you have no idea what kind of impression they are getting about your business from the local directory that they are looking at.

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3 Steps To Getting More Customers For Your Local Business

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