Do You Have The Right Business Systems In The Right People In Place For Your Business?

We had the right business systems in place, you should be able to grow your business faster and further than you ever thought possible. But is that really true?

The Right Business Systems

business systemsThe business systems that are right for your business may need to vary from other business owners in your niche even if they are in your community.

Your goals, your personality, your community and your employees will all influence your willingness or even your ability to systemize your business.

A good system is a well-documented series of steps that take you from the very beginning of a task all of the way to its completion.

Each step along the way should be so well documented that you can take someone completely unfamiliar with the system and easily trained them how to consistently and efficiently complete the task every time with minimal oversight.

The neat thing about a business system is that one can be created for almost every aspect of your business.

There is one variable that you have to be very careful to control if you want everything to run as smoothly and as effectively as possible.

That one variable is people.

The Right People

If you hire the wrong person or persons to run one or more of your systems, things will run as smoothly in that area of your business as they could.

Choosing the right person or people for any given task should take into account how well the prospective employee’s personality meshes with you, your goals for your company, your attitude towards your customers and any people that they will be working with either directly or indirectly.

For example: Let’s say you are needing to hire a sales person and you have a proven process that converts prospects into customers at a predictable rate as long as the salesperson follows the exact process that you use in your business.

You might have advertised for an experienced salesperson that was already experienced in your niche either from working with one of your competitors in town or from another part of the country.

One of the things that you have to discover before you hire this person is whether or not they are so set in their ways of selling that they won’t be willing to follow your system. (In other words, are they coachable.)

Their previous selling method may be as good as, if not better than, your system but neither you nor they can prove which one is best until they’ve tried your system so the numbers can be compared.

Too many bosses also overlook personality conflicts because a potential hire’s resume looks so good.

I can almost guarantee that overlooking a personality conflict between you and a potential employee will come back to bite you in the long run.

Additionally, hiring someone that you really click with on a personal level even though they don’t have the skills and the coach ability that you need is also unlikely to end badly.

Never underestimate how powerful your system is and how important it is for you to plug the right people into that system to maximize your growth potential and profitability.

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Do You Have The Right Business Systems In The Right People In Place For Your Business?

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