There are a number of Internet Marketers out there that are knowingly or unknowingly leading unsuspecting followers towards trouble. Let common sense guide you.

A good mentor is a priceless asset but choosing one that gives you bad information can place you in a hole that’s hard to crawl out of.

I’ll share with you an experience a friend of mine had and I was saved from the same fate because of our mastermind sessions where we share information.

He purchased one of the scripts that’s being sold by some marketers that create and publish Adsense sites from templates in just a few easy steps.

This sounds like easy money doesn’t it?

It was generating a LOT of traffic and decent Adsense revenue right up until Google pulled the plug on delivering ads to that domain.

Placing video compilations on sites for the sole purpose of generating Adsense revenue is a violation of the YouTube terms.

This is a recent change in the terms to combat the junk sites that were pulling video just to suck in traffic and revenue without adding any value to the visitor.

Many of the better marketers quit selling this script as soon as the change was known BUT a few are still selling and profiting from a product that WILL get the buyer in trouble.

Article marketing is another area where there is a lot of conflicting information going around.

Some say to only write and submit articles to the top directories because they have a high page rank while others say submit to as many as you can.

There is NO single right way and the ONLY way you’ll know what works for you in the niches you serve is to test.

I have some articles in Ezine Articles that generate good traffic for me and I also have articles in ArticlesBin that do well too.

My thought on article marketing is to use multiple directories for both the traffic the article generates AND for the easy inbound links I get from each article. The resource box is ALWAYS written so the home page and an interior page are linked to using anchor text I choose.

You are in business for yourself but you CAN learn from more experienced people IF you choose the right person as your mentor. Please use common sense in addition to your business plan.

Pick The Gurus You Trust Carefully

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