What Type Of SEO Should A Local Business Use?

There are two different approaches to SEO and the approach you use depends on your goal as a local business. What are the approaches and how do you choose?

Traditional SEO

seo part of the marketing puzzleThis approach concentrates the majority of their efforts on:

  • website content
  • on page optimization
  • off-site content
  • inbound links (a.k.a. back links)

Unfortunately, many of the traditional search engine optimization companies completely ignore local directories and some of the other things that help local businesses attract more visitors.

Local SEO (Local Search)

This approach uses many of the same elements as traditional SEO but the priorities differ some. The elements of local search focus on are:

  • website content
  • on page optimization
  • use of the schema markup language
  • use of local directories for authority back links and reputation monitoring, management and marketing
  • off-site content using video sharing sites
  • off-site content using social media sites important to that niche
  • use of press releases to get authority back links and to showcase your business as a market leader
  • have a review marketing strategy and system for both collecting reviews then using those in your market
  • use of traditional SEO methods as needed to dominate in the cities which you operate

The traditional approach is more of a global approach where local search concentrates on a limited geographical area.

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t know that SEO can have different focuses so they often end up hiring a company that does traditional SEO instead of one that can do local SEO.

You can find companies that will do traditional search engine optimization for you for less than $400 a month but most of the companies that I know that do local search charge more than that because it can be more labor-intensive to get set up properly.

You should never spend money on search engine optimization for your local business before you start building your online reputation.

Search engine optimization is used to attract visitors to your website but it’s your online reputation that helps convert those visitors into customers.

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What Type Of SEO Should A Local Business Use?

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