3 Tips On How To Do Video Marketing As A Local Business

Many local business owners like you know they should be doing video marketing but most think that they have to have expensive video equipment, a skilled videographer and great editing skills to produce a video that customers will want to watch.

In this video I’m going to give you three tips on how to do video marketing as a local business owner so that you can get your information in front of potential customers in an easy to consume video.

The Video Camera

The video camera is an essential piece of equipment for shooting your video but it does not have to be a high end piece of video equipment.

You’re probably carrying around a high definition video camera that you’ve never thought of using to shoot videos for your business. I’m talking about your smartphone.

Most of the smart phones on the market today shoot high definition video that’s more than good enough to be used to shoot videos for your business.

A Skilled Videographer

Many business owners feel that they’re not good enough to even use their smart phone to shoot the right kind of video. Wrong.

If you create an outline of what you want to say and post it where you can see it off-camera but close enough to the camera that it looks like you’re looking directly into the camera as you talk, you will look like a professional as you talk.

Place your camera in a horizontal position on a tripod that you can buy at Amazon and other places and get a quality lapel microphone that will reduce the pops and snaps as you talk to record quality sound.

You might think that you have to be a great editor to produce a quality video but nothing is farther from the truth. Your video doesn’t have to be perfect to be received well if you have good content.

If you feel the need to edit your video and you are using an Apple product, you can download an app that will let you edit your video on your phone or tablet before you upload it to YouTube.

Android users may need to place their video on their computer so they can use Windows Movie Maker or another piece of software to edit the video.

Call To Action

Unfortunately, too many business owners make videos that have no call to action in them.

If you don’t tell your viewers to do something, they’ll move on to the next video that grabs their attention.

Every video you make should end with you telling the viewer exactly what you want them to do. It could be to subscribe your channel, it could be to like the video or it could be to visit your website or one of your social media pages.

You could even ask them to do a couple of the things that I just mentioned such as like this video then subscribe to this channel to be notified each time I had a new video.

3 Tips On How To Do Video Marketing As A Local Business

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