Your choice of internet browser is a very personal decision but I’ve switched from Internet Explorer to FireFox for business because of some of the plugins.

These addon programs extend the functionality of FireFox when it comes to both surfing AND market research.

SEO for FireFox – This tool gives me a lot of information about keywords I’m researching, websites that compete with mine and about my own sites. This has been a great time saver.

SEO Quake is another tool that provides a lot of useful information about sites I look up in the search engines or just browse to.

Cool Iris is a FireFox plugin that lets me view sites by using a flyout that can be triggered when I mouse over a hyperlink. This lets me evaluate a site before I have to click the link to visit it. This is a great time saver when searching in the search engines.

NoScript – This plugin lets me leave java and javascript turned on in Option but it automatically disables it on sites you visit until YOU decide to turn it on. This is extremely useful when visiting sites I’ve never visited before because each script is named and I choose which to allow either temporarily or permanently. This reduces the risk of having unwanted junk dumped on my PC.

Session Manager – This is a very handy tool when the browser crashes. It automatically saves your surfing session and you can recover all the tabs you had open rather than having to dig them all out again. I don’t know about you but I tend to have 5 or more windows open at the same time when researching and this saves the recovery time.

Social Media plugins – These are very useful in bookmarking sites that you want to access from any computer. Another plus is public bookmarks like these count as backlinks in some search engines.

Google Notebook – This isn’t exclusive to FireFox but I think it’s easier to use in FireFox since you don’t have to go up to the Google Toolbar. This plugin makes it easy to jot down ideas, grab content snippets or to gather information you can export to Google Docs where you can write an article, presentation or what ever you need regardless of the PC you are currently using.

These aren’t the only good plugins for FireFox but they are some of the ones I find most useful in my business.

FireFox and Business
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