Are Local Directories Making It Harder For You To Be Found On Google?

Local directories are important to local businesses but you may have multiple listing in each directory without knowing it. See how this can happen.

When You’ve Moved Your Business, Changed Your Location Or Changed Your Phone Number

Google and the major local directories will automatically pick up the phone number, business address and business name from your website and other places where it’s automatically listed online to create your listing for you. Other local directories may scrape this information and place it on their directories.

Unfortunately, the computers cannot determine whether or not the business has multiple locations or if they’ve moved so they leave the old listing in place and add a new one.

The end result is that your business could have multiple online local directory listings that point to your original business address and another set of listings that point to your new business address.

If you aren’t consistent in typing your information across all directories, you could also end up with multiple local directory listings.

Example: Acme Moving Company, Acme Moving Company Inc. and Acme Moving Co. would be viewed as three different businesses if there is a slight variation in the way the address and phone number are added.

National Marketing Companies

When you hire one of the national marketing companies that’s well known, they will often take the information that you give them and push it out to all of the directories without checking to see if you have any listings that already exist.

Unfortunately, when you switch from one well-known company to another because the first one did not generate the visibility and business that was promised the new company will repeat the process. This could give you another set of local directory listings.

Getting the outdated or duplicated local listings removed can be a tedious and expensive process and it may be impossible to remove all of the old listings.

If you have the local directory mark these listings as out of business and some of the information is accurate, your business may be negatively impacted because some of the directories leave these closed listings online for months before removing them from their databases.

A better way to handle the outdated listings is to first claim the listing then update the information so that it’s correct then ask that the local directory remove the duplicate if it doesn’t have any reviews. If the listing has reviews, you should try to get the local directory to merge the two listings.

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Are Local Directories Making It Harder For You To Be Found On Google?

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