Monitoring Online Reviews Using Google Alerts Is Not The Answer

You need to monitor online reviews because you can’t manage them or use them in your marketing if you don’t know what is being said online by your customers.

Manta had an article this week titled “How to Use Google Alerts for Easy Tracking of Online Reviews” that stated the following:

Following and responding to all the online reviews of your business can feel overwhelming, especially when customer feedback is scattered across multiple websites and social media platforms. But a head-in-the-sand approach will only hurt your business. Online reviews have a big influence on customer purchasing decisions, and you should know what people are saying about your company.

One free tool that can make this process easier is Google Alerts. Just type in the search term you want to track (in addition to your business name, you can also add your name and any important keywords associated with your business) and you’ll get regular email updates when your business is mentioned online.

Adjust the settings to refine your updates by source and region, regulate the frequency of your updates and combine all your alerts into one digest email. This way, you can track and respond to customer feedback without having to check every review site manually.

I completely disagree with most of what is said in this article because many of your customers will not use your business name or the keywords that you think they would use when they write their online review about their experience with your business.

The only way that catches the majority of the reviews that are going to be posted on the most popular and widely used local directories is to hire a business that has the appropriate staff or software that will monitor the sites and alert you every time a review is posted about your business.

Google alerts may help you catch some of the reviews but not all of them. If they shoot a video while standing in front of your place of business and mention your business name in the video, a Google alert would tell you about the video. If, however, they rant about the poor service or the people that they interacted with but didn’t actually say the business name you would not be notified.

There is no easy way to monitor video sharing sites to catch every video review that is uploaded by an irate customer or a happy one.

If you visit and run a scan of your business, you’ll see many of the local business directories that you should be monitoring.

Contact me if you want help in fixing any of the issues that you see on that site.

As I stated before, you need to monitor, manage and market your online reputation successfully grow your business.

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Monitoring Online Reviews Using Google Alerts Is Not The Answer

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