How Important Is Reputation To My Business?

I’m often asked how important is reputation to my business and my answer is always that it is vital to your success. See why it’s so important below.

Your Online Reputation

customer serviceWhat others say about your business in local directories, on social media, on YouTube in their personal blogs and elsewhere online is how people determine whether or not they trust you enough to do business with you.

Most people will read 6 to 10 reviews, on average, before they feel they can trust your business enough to do business with you.

Approximately 67% of these people will be using Google to look for these reviews.

You can’t ignore the other directories because 33% of the people will use one of these other places to find your business and determine how much they can trust it.

Some of the places that you can’t afford to ignore are:

  • Yelp
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com
  • And Many More

If you ignore any one of these directories, you could lose a potential customer because they simply don’t trust you.

“I have a referral based business so my online reputation isn’t important.”

Wrong! Your customers may refer your business to their friends, family members and coworkers but those people often have to go to the Internet to find your phone number and address.

While they’re on the Internet, the overwhelming majority of these people (approximately 92%) will look up your reviews. If you don’t have an online reputation that’s strong enough for them to trust the referral that they received, your competitor will get the business.

“I don’t need an online reputation because I promote my business off-line using print, TV and radio.”

Wrong! Many people that see your print ad, TV commercial or hear your radio ad will still go on the Internet to check out your reputation before they part with their money.

Your business reputation is something that you can influence by your actions but you cannot control it because you cannot control what people think and say about your business any more than you can control what people think or say about you as an individual.

Because of this, you need to develop a five-star culture within your business where you and your employees work each and every day to create an environment and an attitude where customers will want to say good things about your business.

An article posted on Psychology Today in April of 2010 titled “The Value Of A Good Reputation” talks about an individual’s reputation but almost everything that’s written there applies to your business as well.

Your business may not be alive in the sense that humans and animals are but it is an entity that helps people solve problems because of the products or services that you offer so it inherits many of the same traits that are given to humans.

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How Important Is Reputation To My Business?

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