Do You Use Google Local Listings To Find Businesses You Want?

If you use your smart phone to search for a business & choose one of the 3 local listings, you are doing what your customers do. See why this is important.

Google Local Listings

local search engine optimizationOur customers and the customers of some of our associates are finding that they get 90% of their calls from their local listing after they get enough reviews to have their star rating shown with their listing.

This is proven to us and our customers that a good reputation and being near the top of the local listings is important to the growth of their local business.

A year ago, Google had 7 businesses in the local listings.

Earlier this year, they dropped back to 3 businesses in the local listing so that the site looks more like it does on mobile.

Unfortunately for local business, the local listings have disappeared completely in some niches and in others they are only showing 1 or 2 businesses in the local listings.

When the local listings dropped from 7 to 3, approximately 40% of the business that had previously been shown in what Internet marketers called the snack pack or seven pack saw a dramatic drop in the number of calls that they were getting.

Google increased the number of paid ads shown in addition to reducing the number of local listings that were shown which means that very few people scroll down to even look at the first organic listing.

The end result means that if your local business isn’t showing in one of the first two places of the local listings you aren’t going to get nearly as many phone calls from people using Google search as your competitors that have those coveted spots.

There are many factors that go into your business showing up in the local listings and some of them are:

  • claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing
  • choosing the correct category for your Google My Business listing
  • claiming and optimizing as many of the other local directories as you can
  • a minimum of 6 customer reviews on Google with more coming in all the time
  • an ever-growing number of customer reviews on the other major local directories
  • consistency of your business name, address, phone number and other information across all local directories and on your website
  • a quality website that is mobile friendly
  • website content where each page has been optimized for readability by the visitor and for the keyword that page targets (Write content for your prospects instead of the search engines.)
  • And More!

You and most of your competitors are failing in one or more of the areas above. (This includes the businesses that are currently showing in the local listings for your niche.)

To get your business on top or near the top of the local listings you just need to be doing more of these things correctly than your local competitors.

Can find out where your business currently stands on directory listings and online reviews by visiting and running a scan. The results will give you an idea of what needs to be fixed and where so that you or someone you hire can make the needed corrections.

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Do You Use Google Local Listings To Find Businesses You Want?

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