Are you planning on building a list or grow your current list without paying for expensive or non-responsive leads for your business? Does the ability to email people within a target market interest you while you passively create a Solid Revenue Stream grab your interest?
If so, here's the perfect solution. Viral Money List just launched last night at 7pm Central time. Go sign up free now and take a look around:Viral Money List

I don’t usually join or recommend programs like Viral Money List (VML) but I know the founders of VML are list building experts.

Their expertise and training in viral marketing techniques will, I believe, help anyone willing to put forth some effort build a good list within VML. Viral marketing is an old but brilliant concept that allows you to build a downline very quickly with the help of others.

If you pay attention and take action, you will learn how to build multiple niche lists while you build a passive residual income at the same time.

VML gives you the ability to send emails to a different group of people every time. Spend some time building your VML list and you might be able to replace expensive lead purchases with a consistently fresh group of prospects from within VML.

If you choose to upgrade for as little at $2.97 a month, you will have Guaranteed Random Prospects waiting for you. All you’ll need to do is login, create your promotional message and click send. VML will take care of the rest. The higher the upgrade the more Guaranteed Random Prospects you will receive.

Each time you create and send a new mailing, your Guaranteed Random Prospects will be unique. So, you will be reaching new Guaranteed Random Prospects each time you send an email

VML is a Random List Builder with a Powerful Twist! Qualified Members will be able to mail to a guaranteed random number of participants as often as EVERY Day. You’ll be able to mail to MORE random participants based on the size of your downline infinity width, 10 deep. That could be HUGE!

Think about that. You’ll be able to mail to a new list of people every day! And, the size of the list is based on the size of your downline. The more you refer into the program the bigger your mailing.

And, better yet, the company accepts Paypal so the potential audience is HUGE!

This program suits everyone at every skill level even those that are not good at promoting.

Tip: The best way to use VML or a similar program is to offer a free report or something related to your niche so you’ll be building an exclusive list at the same time you use the list built within VML.

Go ahead now, sign up free and evaluate the program. Then upgrade if you like what you see. Viral Money List

Viral List Building

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