How Local Citations Can Affect Your Local Business

Local citations play many roles online that may or may not help your local business. Some of the roles are listed in this article. Read on to see what they are.

My view may be tainted a little bit because I am a fan of local citations and I hope you’ll be a fan too after reading this article.

Some of the roles local citations play are:

  • they are virtual storefront for your business
  • they are a place where customers can leave and read reviews left by other customers
  • they are a place where they can find your phone number, address, business hours and more about your business
  • I can get directions to your business
  • they can often visit your website after seeing your listing
  • they can often help you rank better in Google

When this directories first started popping up and allowing local business owners to add their business for free, these directories often become authority sites where a link on them would help you get on the first page of Google for a local business very quickly without much effort.

Today, however, just placing your listing on these local directories isn’t enough in most niches.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore these local directories, especially if your competitors have a presence there, because they can be an entrance point for new customers that go to a directory before they go to Google and they are place where your customers may leave a review about your business.

If you have consistent listing data across directories for your business in more of the local directories important in your niche than your competitors, you will have a distinct advantage over those competitors.

The advantage you have over your competitors in each directory will increase if you take the time to encourage your customers to leave reviews on a variety of directories instead of just on Google, Bing, Yelp and a few other major directories.

Many of the directories also give you the ability to add special offers or post content on your listing page.

Business owners that take the time to keep the content on each directory fresh and to change out any special offers they might have on that directory will help it look like a real asset to the search engines.

Your customers will use the smart phone that they are always carrying with them to look up competitive prices, to look for coupons and to look up product reviews while they are in your store.

If they find a bad review about a product, about your business or find a better price from a competitor that’s close to you, they may walk out of your store without making a purchase and go directly to your competitor to conduct business.

You do not have to compete on price if you can clearly show through customer reviews that you are providing a superior service to your customers.

Many people are willing to pay more when they know they are going to receive excellent customer service in addition to the product or service that they are buying.

The smart phone is the new Yellow Pages and the local directories along with social media is the new way word-of-mouth advertising is done.

You cannot afford to ignore local directories where you can showcase your online reputation any more than you can avoid pleasantly greeting someone that walks into your store.

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How Local Citations Can Affect Your Local Business

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