3 Mistakes Consultants Make With Business Owners

Mistakes are common among consultants and other business owners. How they are handled can determine whether you lose business or get a bad review. Read on.

Mistake One

Consultants often overestimate their ability to adequately communicate what they are going to be doing using the language that the business owner clearly understands.

If what you are saying isn’t clearly understood by your customer, you will have a very unhappy customer that could potentially leave a negative review for you online unless you find a way to make them happier with the service that you provided.

This is clearly setting boundaries that are clearly identified and agreed upon by both parties before the work it started.

The business owner wants to know that they are clearly getting something valuable in their eyes for the money that they are spending and you want to get the value that you deserve for your expertise.

Mistake Two

Many consultants truly want to help their clients and in doing so they may take on a job without clearly setting the expectations for both them and their clients.

Each party has to know what to expect, when to expect it and exactly what the boundaries are for the services being provided.

If you take on one job and the client asks you to do something else because it’s an emergency, a whole new job is being introduced with a new set of expectations on your part and on your client’s part.

You must make it clear that this is a completely separate service that will be itemized separately on the invoice at a specified rate when it is delivered.

Mistake Three

The consultant, like the client, is often very good at doing what they do but they may be very bad at being diplomatic when they’ve made one of the first two mistakes.

A lack of diplomacy with your client has the potential of causing you to lose a customer that may have become a long-term source of revenue.

Have you ever made one of these three mistakes?

If yes, please share how you resolve the issue below after you share this article with your friends and colleagues.

3 Mistakes Consultants Make With Business Owners

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