3 Ways Your Online Reputation Can Help Your Business

A good online reputation is vital to your business success. Read on to see why that statement is true & why it’s more important than ever for your business.

Referral Marketing

When your customers refer their friends, neighbors and coworkers to your business they very seldom have the phone number handy so they just say Google it.

online reputationEvery time one of these people Google’s your business name, they’ll see your business name, address, phone number and your online reputation if you even have one.

(You may have an online reputation from reviews left by other customers that you don’t know about.)

If a prospective customer sees a bad reputation or no reputation instead of a good reputation, the may go looking for a different business even though they were referred to you by a friend.

Studies have shown that online reviews are trusted just as much as personal recommendations.

Customer Reviews Help You Rank

Google rewards local businesses that have a steady supply of positive reviews coming into their Google My Business account.

You should also have a steady supply of reviews going in the other local directory sites such as:

  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Facebook
  • Super Pages
  • Better Business Bureau
  • and more

These are all considered authority sites like Google and the other search engines. If you take the time to get reviews on these sites then build back links to your profile on each of these local directories the page authority for your listing will go up which means the incoming link to your website will have more authority.

When you have an incoming link from an authority site that is on a page that has a high page authority, some of the domain authority from the webpage that is linking to your site gets passed to you which helps push your site above your competitors in the search results.

In the eyes of the public, your business is only as good as the last review that was posted and if the review is more than six months old it has very little value in the eyes of the consumer.

You Become A Market Leader

Most of your local competitors either don’t understand the importance of online reviews or they don’t have a system in place where they regularly ask their customers to leave reviews for them online.

Many of these business owners will tell you that they build their business using word-of-mouth advertising but they don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge that online reviews and the smart phone is the way most consumers get their word-of-mouth advertising today.

You can probably dominate your local marketplace if you have most of the following in place:

  • a quality, mobile friendly,  website with good content
  • the major local directories for your niche claimed and optimized
  • the social media sites important to your niche claimed and branded
  • a steady supply of new videos pertaining to your business being posted on YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook and other video sharing sites
  • a review gathering system put in place for your business
  • a review marketing system put in place for your business
  • a good SEO plan that includes building back links to the local directories that Google sees as important in your niche
  • a plan to get reviews on the sites that Google sees as important in your niche

When you have a majority of these elements in place, your website will more than likely be on the first page of Google and you will probably have your business listing in one of the three local listings that Google shows provided there is a three pack for your niche.

If your niche doesn’t have a three pack and Google sees your site as most authoritative, your Google business profile will probably dominate the whole right column of the search results for your primary keyword.

Visit http://youronlinerepscore.com and run a scan on your business to see what your online authority currently looks like and share this with your friends and colleagues and leave your thoughts below.

3 Ways Your Online Reputation Can Help Your Business

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