How Reputation Marketing Can Help Your Local Business

Reputation marketing can help your business in many ways. The one way most business owners like is that it can help increase profits. See how you can benefit.

Reputation Marketing Builds Trust

Reputation MarketingOnline reviews left by your customers at the various local directories are trusted as much as recommendations from a friend or family member.

When you get a steady supply of glowing customer reviews that are spread across a variety of local directories and social media sites, your business is gaining trust and authority in the eyes of consumers.

This is word-of-mouth advertising in the 21st century.

Reputation Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand

Every time a good review is left on a local directory, your business gains a little bit of authority for that listing and for your business within your community.

Businesses that get 10 or more reviews on each of the five or 10 major local directories in their niche are generally market leaders in their area.

As market leaders, their brand and business name is often easily recognized by consumers.

Reputation Marketing Can Help You Build Your Social Presents

A good marketing consultant will help you put a system in place that will market your customers online reviews across multiple social profiles that you have set up for your business.

This social media content is often liked by your fans and it is sometimes shared with their friends. It can also get you new likes or followers that could turn into customers.

As long as you get a steady stream of new four and five star reviews on local directories, you’ll have high quality content ready to go on your social media pages without having to think about where to get good content that will be liked.

Any additional content that you add to the site such as tips, promotional messages or inspirational quotes, will give your fans a reason to come back to your page more often.

Customer Reviews On Local Directories Is Social Proof

People in the marketing industry are always telling business owners, like you, that you need social proof to do well in Google and other search engines.

Social proof is what third parties are saying about you instead of what you say about yourself and online reviews from your customers is fantastic social proof.

Once your online reputation is built up enough with customer reviews and you have a steady supply of new reviews added on a regular basis, you’ll see as much is 80% of all new business coming directly from people reading these online reviews either on the local directories, on the search engines or on your social media sites such as Facebook where your customer reviews are being marketed.


Your local business needs a steady supply of good online reviews from your customers posted to local directories, Facebook and Google for you to build your brand and gain more business because reviews are the easiest way you can build trust online.

Google uses online reviews as a ranking factor so a steady supply of good reviews may also help you rank above your competitors in your local market.

Visit to see what your local reputation looks like and share this with your friends and colleagues then leave your thoughts below.

How Reputation Marketing Can Help Your Local Business

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