How Local Directories Help Increase Local Sales

Local directories give mobile users the ability to tap a button on their phone to call you or get directions to your place of business. See how this helps.

Immediate Gratification

Approximately 66% of the mobile users that use these features take action within the first 24 hours of looking up your place of business.

The action that they take could be a phone call to find out what your store hours are, to ask questions about your product or service, to get directions, to book an appointment or to make a purchase.

Read Reviews About Your Business

There are at least 60 local directories plus many smaller niche directories and almost every one of them gives the consumer the ability to write a review about their experience your business.

If your business has no reputation or a bad reputation, is very easy for smart phone user to go back and find one of your competitors.

Read Reviews About The Products You Sell

Smart phone users can and often do read product reviews while in a merchant’s store. They also check prices and look for coupons.

You must make your store stand out by providing superior customer service or in some other way so that the consumer will be less likely to leave your store and go to a competitor if they see a cheaper price.

The Local Directories You Must Be In

Local Directory MarketingEvery niche has certain directories that Google sees as more important than others but here are a few that are common across most niches:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places For Business
  • Yelp
  • Super Pages
  • com
  • Facebook

A lot of people don’t consider Facebook a local directory but you can create a places page within Facebook for your business which is very powerful given the number of users that actively use that platform on their mobile devices as well as their computers.

When a local business has a Facebook places page and they get reviews from customers on that page, their star rating shows up in Facebook searches just like their star rating shows up on Google when searches are done there.

Click here to see which local directories you need to claim, verify, optimize and build a reputation on to put your best foot forward for people that are looking to do business with someone like you.

The reality is that you must have a presence and a good reputation crossed all of the major directories within your niche if you want to increase your business among smart phone users within your community.

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How Local Directories Help Increase Local Sales

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