Online Marketing Challenges
For Doctors And Dentists

Online marketing is a challenge for all business owners but especially for doctors and dentists because they have a unique opportunity. Learn more below.

Google My Business

Google treats each doctor and dentist as a separate entity. This means that the practitioner is viewed as one entity and their practice is another entity in the eyes of Google and many other major directories.

Each of these entities has their own listing on Google My Business and the other directories and each listing may or may not developer reputation over time.

Online Reputation

online marketing consultantThe practitioner must decide whether they are going to monitor, manage and market their reputation, the reputation of their practice or both.

Regardless of their decision, the practitioner and their practice each has the potential to build an online reputation.

If they choose to ignore one of these entities while actively trying to build the other one, they could find that the one they chose to ignore could be seen as a greater authority in the eyes of Google if it has more unsolicited reviews left by patients in more places than the business they’ve chosen to build, manage and market.

Some of the major directories that will probably have both listed are:

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • And More!

The online reputation of the practitioner may affect their ability to attract new patients.

Additionally, the online reputation of the practice will affect the resale value of the practice if the practitioner ever decides to retire or move the business to different state where they’ll start over with new or dentist

Some of the niche directories that allow patients and prospective patients to read and leave reviews about practitioners are:

  • ZocDoc
  • Vitals
  • HealthGrades
  • Demand Force
  • Real Self
  • And More!

These business professionals have to decide whether they are going to market one entity or both entities. Once this decision is made they have to decide which entity they intend to develop if they choose to only go with one.

The practice itself may have more than one doctor or dentist and if you choose to build up the reputation of the practice you are building a business asset that could increase the resale value if you choose to retire or relocate.

Practitioners, on the other hand, may move from one practice to another or even one state to another and still have their reputation stay with them.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is usually done at the practice level and the keywords that associate with the practice can be varied but the practitioner may be limited on the number of keywords that can be targeted if they choose to market themselves.

The exception to this is when a practitioner develops a website talking about them and the different types of services that they perform regardless of which practice they are associated with at the time.

Most medical professionals that I know were taught how to practice their profession but they weren’t taught how to build a business.

This, unfortunately, means that they don’t know how to market themselves or their practice.

If you are a medical professional, click here to visit a site to run free scans to see if you have two entities with reputations that you weren’t aware of.

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Online Marketing Challenges For Doctors And Dentists

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