Building your business with free resources does have a cost and that cost is your time. If your cash flow is extremely limited it’s a cost you MUST pay with a time investment.

Wisely invest your time and these free resources can provide a very good base to add some paid growth to.

ViralMoneyList (VML) is a free resource IF your budget is too tight BUT the upgrade AND time spent promoting this list builder can be extremely profitable for you in the long run. I’m an upgraded member and you’ll see my testimonials on the site because I’m getting GREAT results with the free offer I’m presenting the members of VML.

I’m talking a 28.5% conversion rate on a banner offering a free report on Must Have WordPress Plugins . The majority of the people that are joining my list for the free report are staying on my list for the ecourse that’s sharing how I took a new domain to the first page of 6 search engines in 3 months for the chosen keyword phrase using a WordPress blog, article marketing, SEO and social bookmarking sites.

By using VML’s rotating list to build lists I control, I’m leveraging my efforts. This technique is most effective when I offer something of value that’s unique and targeted to an audience that’s trying to build their business. This useful service helps them and gets my foot in the door so I can show them how my services and ware might help them when the time is right.

Your goal in your business is to look at VML to see how you can tie their services into starting or expanding YOUR mailing list and business.

In addition to VML, I’m starting to participate in JV Giveaway events. My 1st event yielded 90 confirmed subscribers in 4 days. This may not seem like many but my primary list is only 17 because, until now, list building has not been a priority.

Do NOT duplicate my mistake.

For too long, I refused to start a list because I didn’t feel I knew enough to share with others. I also believed people wanted advice from an expert.

You may find that you know more than you think and that sharing your skills is rewarding even if it doesn’t immediately put cash in your pocket.

I hope you take the attitude that I’m taking towards a list and that is that I haven’t earned the respect from my readers yet so why should they be expected to give me their hard earned dollars.

Backlinks are another way to build your business with free resources. There are many ways to get these and a few are:

  • Write articles and submit them to article directories.
  • Write ebooks or rewrite PLR ebooks and submit these as free giveaways and submit them to free ebook directories.
  • Create freeware or shareware and submit it to software directories.

Articles will get you 1-3 links to your site with each approved article and article directories often have page ranks ranging from PR0-PR7. Ebooks will have links, opt-in forms or whatever in them and they have the potential to go viral. The ebook directories you submit to have varying page rank. Submitted software also has the potential to deliver some traffic AND the sites often have page ranks of PR5-PR7.

Some of the methods mentioned above are free while others require a cash outlay to generate the most benefit for you. You are in business to make money and backlinks to your website and one or more quality mailing lists are necessary and effective tools that will help you build your business.

Building Your Business with FREE Resources

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