5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Local Search Engine Rankings

local search engine optimizationMany local businesses are making these five mistakes & they are killing their chance to rank in the local search results. See what they are:

  1. inconsistent listings across the local directories – If your business has moved in the last five years, the old business listing may still exist and if you changed your business name or phone number you may also have multiple listings. Additionally, if you’ve hired different marketing companies, the new company may not look for existing local listings before they create new ones. Multiple listings confuse the search engines and prospective customers which were hurt your business and your rankings.
  2. Not enough website content – A lot of local business owners don’t put enough content about their products or services on each page they create and the content that is there is frequently over optimized.
  3. Focusing on the wrong keywords – Too many local websites are created as informational websites that attract people that are still in the research phase of the buying process instead of focusing more on keywords that attract people that are ready to buy your product or service. You need to make sure you have a mixture of informational content and content geared toward sales and you need to create a schedule where new content is added on a regular basis. The schedule you create needs to be realistic and you need to be able to stick to it over a long period of time.
  4. Choosing the wrong SEO company or using outdated DIY practices – Some search engine optimization companies offer their services at a very inexpensive price and this usually happens when the company is located outside of the United States. If your business is in the United States, you want content that is:
  • written by Americans,
  • the content needs to be posted to your website or to websites linking back to your website that are located in the United States
  • and a wide variety of anchor text needs to be used on links coming into your website. (Too many of the DIY business owners or the inexpensive companies only use the 3 to 5 keywords that the company is focusing on when creating back links instead of having the back linking profile look more natural by using a wide variety of text as anchor text.
  1. A lack of online reviews – Your business’s online reputation is a major ranking factor and a huge factor in customer conversions so you need to have a system in place where you and your staff are consistently asking your customers to leave online reviews for your local business.

Additionally, you should respond to each and every review to show the search engines that you are engaging your customers and that you honestly value their feedback.

I didn’t include that your website has to be mobile friendly in the list above because I have covered that topic in many other articles on this website. If you don’t know that your customers are using their smart phones, tablets and laptops to look up information about your business then you been living under a rock for the last few years.

Google has even stated that a mobile friendly website is important and that more than 60% of all local searches are done from mobile devices.

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5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Local Search Engine Rankings

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