Ebooks are promotional tools that are often under utilized by many businesses both on and off line. The value of this tool lies in credibility.

People are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust over a stranger. Create an informative report about the benefits of the product or service you are selling and list both the pros and cons and you’ll be seen as someone that CARES about your customer.

Whenever possible, show how each benefit will improve your customer’s life in some way.

If you can show your reader that your product will let them get things done faster, easier or cheaper, you will capture their attention. A product that will make them safer or make them money will also be noticed.

Ebooks have a great deal of flexibility and expandability. You can add opt-in boxes where the reader can get information the ebook doesn’t reveal. Links to websites, audio or video presentations can be inserted.

You can keep the original source file so it can be updated as things change (Tip: Capture an email address just for this purpose.).

These free ebooks can be listed in free ebook directories so people can find them. The directories will link back to your site so people can download the book. You’ll benefit from the inbound link. Many of these directories have Google ratings of PR3 – PR5.

There is also software available that will let you create rebrandable ebooks which will add a viral component to your book. Giving webmasters the ability to rebrand affiliate links so they profit from spreading the word about YOUR ebook and you’ll get noticed much more.

Ebooks As Promotional Tools

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