A Mobile Friendly Website Is A Necessity Instead Of A Luxury

Google announced that they are testing a website index that displays search results based on mobile site content instead of the desktop version of the website.

This announcement means that business owners that have one version of their website for desktop users using technology and content that isn’t shown on the mobile versions of their sites should contact their web developer to get the user experience consistent across all platforms.

mobile friendlyIf the two versions of your site are different, both will still get indexed but the mobile version is the one that Google will be using to determine where to place you in the search engine results.

This means that the new reality in 2017 will be that sites that rely on flash programming for their desktop site and a less impressive mobile version of their website will probably lose some search engine traffic.

Businesses that have already started to switch to responsive websites that allow all of their content to display nicely across all platforms and devices will probably rank higher and get more traffic.

More searches are done from mobile devices than desktops so you have to be ready for this new reality if you aren’t already.

Facebook already has approximately two thirds of their users accessing their site only from mobile devices and Google is seeing their mobile search volume steadily climb and the number of desktop searches are steadily declining.

The smart phone is a powerful handheld computer that’s rarely more than 10 feet away from its owner.

Additionally, this is the only way many people can access the Internet.

Most people that use their smart phone to search for a local businesses usually take action within 24 hours of finding what they are seeking.

Can you afford to ignore potential customers because you don’t have a website that fits the new reality that your customers and Google are forcing onto you?

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A Mobile Friendly Website Is A Necessity Instead Of A Luxury

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