Blogs have existed for years outside of mainstream business but many businesses are finding that a blog can be a valuable asset if used correctly.

Imagine an offline business like a new car lot with a blog. The primary site has the stuff ALL new car dealerships normally have but you found a local dealership that has added a blog. This blog may have sections where you can ask questions of the service department, sales department, leasing or other customers.

Do you think you’d be more inclined to do business with a dealership that made it easier to get the information you are seeking than one that doesn’t provide this level of communication?

This same mental attitude and credibility is required by online businesses for you to let your customers know you are real, can be trusted and can be reached.

People buy from people they know and feel they can trust. Blogs let you get more interactive with both prospects and customers and this interaction will help build your credibility.

IF you have a real world business or a static website, you can use a blog to accomplish many different goals.

A weblog requires minimal technical skill to set up and operate and adding new content is almost as easy as using a word processor on your computer. Your visitors, customers and you will benefit once you add and start using a blog as part of your business.

P.S. I use and recommend the WordPress blogging platform and a free report I’ve written that’s titled ‘Must Have WordPress Plugins‘.

Is a Blog Part of Your Business?
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