5 Reasons You Need To Be Using Video Marketing In Your Business

Video marketing is the most effective tool in your arsenal because your brain is wired to process everything as images. 5 reasons you need to use video are:

Videos Are More Persuasive

video marketingBuying decisions are made on an emotional level and its much easier to engage a person’s emotions through video than it is through text or images.

It’s Easier To Build Trust And Credibility With Video

In general, people have a tendency to trust what you say more when they can see and hear you even if it’s only in a video.

There are three types of videos that can help you quickly build your trust and credibility and these are:

  • How To Or Demonstration Type Videos – In this type of video, you are showcasing a product, service or your expertise in your field
  • Video Review Commercials – This type of video uses a customer review to share what a third-party has to say about your business instead of what you are saying about it
  • An Expert Interview Video – In this type of video, you are being interviewed by a third party as the expert on a particular topic.

Search Engines Love Videos

Google bought YouTube several years ago because they saw the importance of video in the eyes of the consumer. Videos are loved so much that YouTube is second only to Google in the number of searches done each month.

Webpages that have videos embedded on them usually rank better than competing pages that don’t have video. The reason for this is twofold: 1. The information is easier to consume on a mobile device when it’s in the video format and 2. The visitor to your webpage is more likely to stay longer because they are watching the video instead of just skimming your text.

Videos that are correctly optimized often rank well in Google in addition to ranking well in YouTube, Daily Motion or on another video sharing site.

Videos Increase Your Search Footprint

If you, an employee that’s working for you or your marketing company knows what has to be done, you can place a single video on multiple video sharing sites in addition to your website.

When your video is placed on YouTube and several other video sharing sites, each video has the potential to be indexed and ranked in Google and other search engines. (Tip: Consistently upload new videos and include your business name, address, phone number and website URL in the description so that you get the benefit of having a citation on a high authority website.)

Most Of Your Customers Prefer Videos Over Text For Content

YouTube is seeing the number of videos consumed on mobile devices increase by 100% every year. This rate of growth is unlikely to decrease because society is constantly on the move and their smart phone is always with them.

Many people go to YouTube every time they want to learn how to do something.

They might be looking up a video on how to:

  • set up their email client
  • enable or disable a specific function on their phone
  • change of faucet washer
  • repair a specific part of their vehicle
  • or just about anything else you can think of

Music videos, funny videos, shocking videos and hard to believe videos are the type of videos that get shared most often but there only useful to a business when they fit in with your overall objective.


Before you start any video marketing campaign, you need to clearly identify the goal of the campaign, your target audience and what, if any, action you want them to take.

Some video campaigns may be initiated for the sole purpose of building your company’s brand awareness.

You might also start a video marketing campaign that is meant to be strictly informational to illustrate your expertise in your field or within your community.

A campaign may be created to get potential customers interested in or excited about an upcoming product launch, new service or sale. The goal of a campaign like this might be to build a mailing list of presold customers that will be ready to buy as soon as possible.

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5 Reasons You Need To Be Using Video Marketing In Your Business

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