Reputation Management – 2 Important Rules To Follow

Reputation management is a defensive action but there are two important rules that you must keep in mind to do it correctly and they are:

Respond To All Reviews Quickly And Professionally

You should respond to both positive and negative reviews as quickly as possible. When you receive a positive review, mention the customer by name when you thank them, mention how much you appreciate them as a customer and, if possible, mention what you remember about them during our last visit to your business. If it isn’t possible or appropriate to mention the business that they conduct with you, tell them they are welcome to stop in and say hello the next time they are near your place of business.

Negative reviews happen to every business because it is impossible to please everyone. When you get a negative review about your business that’s been posted in an online directory or on social media, the customer is letting you know that they want to be heard and this is your opportunity to show that you can provide fantastic customer support.

Receipt of a negative review will sting and it may make you angry but you need to acknowledge receipt of the review as soon as possible after you notice you’ve received it and view it as an opportunity to try to make a dissatisfied customer a happy one. (This may not always be possible but it’s definitely worth a try.)

Speed in responding quickly and professionally is vital.

If possible, pick up the phone and talk directly to the customer.

Never Respond To Negative Reviews While Angry

Customers that leave bad reviews aren’t necessarily making a personal attack against you or your business.

Most of the time, they are pointing out a bad experience they had with you or one of your employees on a particular day or a problem that happened with the product or service that was received on a particular day.

You must understand that everyone has bad days.

Your customer may have been having a bad day which had them looking for a fight.

You or one of your employees may have been a little bit off your game which left a sour taste in the mouth of your customer.

When you are an employee has a bad day, the service that you provide may be adversely affected without you even realizing it.

Unfortunately, bad products do make it through quality control. You know that happens and you try to take care of it as quickly as possible but there are times when even your diligence isn’t enough.

Monitoring your reputation and managing it is a full-time job that needs to be done around the clock every day of the year.

You need to acknowledge that this is a long-term part of your business and it is not going to be cheap to take care of if you do it correctly.

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Reputation Management – 2 Important Rules To Follow

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