Is Your Business Content Ready For Search in 2017?

Your business content creation needs to be modified to remain relevant if you want to be found in Google in 2017. Read on to see what needs to be different.

seo strategyMobile searchers are forcing changes in the way Google determines what webpages are the most relevant on any given search. Here’s a sample of what you need to be ready for:

  • people that do voice searches using complete questions instead of typing in keywords
  • people that expect your mobile pages to load in three seconds or less
  • people that do image searches to find the product they are seeking
  • people that use YouTube and other video sharing sites to find how-to videos and answers to other questions they might have

People That Do Voice Searches Using Complete Questions Instead Of Typing In  Keywords

Google has been testing Google voice which allows people to do searches using voice instead of having to type in the words or phrases that would help them find a solution to their problem.

Many people that I know that use their smart phones a lot are already using voice to do text messaging on their phones and some, like me, even use voice to do a search on Google.

I use a desktop computer most of the time but since I use dictation software I frequently use it to enter questions into the search box on Google when I want to find the answer to something.

When I do it this way, I speak a complete sentence instead of just typing in the keyword phrase.

People That Expect Your Mobile Pages To Load In Three Seconds Or Less

A lot of mobile searchers want instant gratification because they are on the friendly

Because they are often in a hurry and they have data usage limits, most of these mobile searchers will hit the back button to look at another result if the page takes too long to load or it doesn’t look good on their phone.

If the content on your website isn’t structured to handle voice searches that are more conversational than keyword based searches, you may lose visitors to a competitor that has their website ready for this new way of doing search.

People That Do Image Searches To Find The Product They Are Seeking

An increasing number of searchers are doing a Google image search to see if they can find the product that exactly matches one that they’ve seen or one that they need to replace.

People That Use YouTube And Other Video Sharing Sites To Find How-To Videos And Answers To Other Questions They Might Have

Millions of searches are done on YouTube each day and many of those searches are for how-to videos. Other people are using Google to search for their solution but since YouTube is owned by Google YouTube videos and videos from some of the other video sharing sites often rank very well.

Business owners that put up how-to videos and review video commercials that are properly optimized for search often see their videos rank very well on the video sharing sites and on Google.

The reality is that searches done in the search engines are increasingly being done from mobile devices and only local business owners that are ready for this shift will reap the rewards. Make sure you know what your current visibility looks like and that you are staying ahead of the trend.

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Is Your Business Content Ready For Search in 2017?

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