How Local Directories Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

Local directories are more important to your rankings in Google and other search engines than most business owners know. Read below to see wide.

As I stated in my article, local directories can help increase sales.

Here are a few things that may not have been completely covered in that article:

  • each local directory in which you maintain a presence is a back link from an authority website
  • every customer review that’s on each of those directories helps increase your authority on that directory and on Google
  • every time someone bookmarks or shares a local directory listing with their friends through social media, social bookmarking services or their website, that activity helps increase the authority of that local directory listing

You need 6 to 10 reviews on any given profile for the consumer looking at that profile to trust you enough to do business with you.

Consumer actions are forcing changes in how we use technology and how we use Google is why they are starting to use your authority on other local directories to determine your authority in local search on Google.

I’ve noticed that some local search results show review snippets from Google plus a few of the major local directories where that business is viewed as an authority.

Click here to see which local directories you need to claim, verify, optimize and build a reputation on to show consumers and Google that you are an authority in your niche within your community.

The reality is that you must have a presence and a good reputation crossed all of the major directories within your niche if you want to increase your business with consumers within your community that are searching for the products or services that you sell.

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How Local Directories Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings

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