How the Internet Has Changed Sales

Google, the other search engines & widespread use of broadband gives consumer the ability to quickly compare prices & companies. See how this affects you.

Google Search

About 63% of everyone that uses a search engine will use Google and almost 2/3 of the searches will be from a mobile device.

Additionally, more than 60% of the users will use a local modifier in their search phrase if they don’t allow the search engine to determine the location of either their phone or their computer.

If they are looking up your company because of one of the following:

  • a referral from friend or family
  • they saw your ad on TV
  • they heard your radio ad
  • they saw a print ad
  • or a salesperson contacted them

most of them will pick up their cell phone, their laptop or go to their computer to do a search for your company name so they can check out your online reputation.

92% of all consumers that were polled state that they read online reviews before they make a buying decision and 97% of the consumers between 18 – 34 stated that their buying decision is made solely from reviews that they read online.

Many consumers will use their smart phone or computer to do product research before they decide what make and model of a product that they wish to buy.

The customer reviews for products that are found on Amazon and eBay influence the buying decisions of many consumers that are looking to shop either online or off-line.

If you watch the shoppers in your local business establishment, you might notice a number of them have their phones out so they can actively compare prices with your competitors and to see if there are any available coupons that they can download to their phone and use at checkout.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising (a.k.a. referral marketing) that people go to in the 21st century.

Here are three reasons why online reviews for your business and the products you sell are so important:

  • Many consumers don’t know their neighbors well enough to trust the recommendations.
  • Family members may not be located in the same town or even state so they will be of little to no help in recommending local businesses.
  • They may be new enough at their workplace that they don’t know their coworkers well enough to trust their opinions.

In today’s world, you are competing against local merchants and online merchants.

One thing you have that’s unique to you is your customer service and the online reviews that have been left by previous customers.

Online customer reviews that give glowing testimonials about your business in the local directories are the social proof that you need to compete against both local merchants and online merchants that sell similar products or services.

A savvy competitor may have a system in place that allows them to consistently ask for and get online reviews from their customers.

If you don’t currently have a review system in place and a competitor does, you are not only going to fall behind in the number of sales but you may lose local ranking in Google because your online reputation is part of the algorithm they use to decide where to place you in the search results.

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How the Internet Has Changed Sales

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