5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Is Failing

Social media marketing campaigns can be successful but you need to have all the right elements in place. Is your campaign missing any of these?

  1. A well thought out social media marketing strategy
  2. a social media profile and page that looks like a ghost town
  3. you post at either the wrong time or in the wrong place
  4. you post content that is interesting to you instead of what your followers want to see
  5. you’re constantly trying to sell instead of connect

A Well Thought Out Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketingYou need to map out your strategy before you even start a social media campaign. A map that clearly identifies your goals and how you are going to measure your movement towards or away from achieving those goals needs to be created.

It’s also important to decide whether the campaign is geared towards making money, gaining exposure or getting traffic to your website. All three are important but each campaign has to focus on one of the three for you to actually measure its success or failure.

Is your social media header just sitting there to build your brand or are you actively using it as a very powerful sales tool?

Have you checked it on both desktop computers and mobile devices? (Many Facebook headers that look good on desktop computers look very bad on mobile devices because the business owner didn’t allow for Facebook to chop off part of the header for display on mobile devices.)

Visit www.amazingsocialcovers.com to claim a free social media cover for Facebook that will look good across all devices.

A Social Media Profile And Page That Looks Like A Ghost Town

Every social media account that you have set up for your business is a virtual storefront.

When people visit your profile and there is little to no content or the content that is there hasn’t been updated for quite some time gives the impression that your business is closed.

Some people that were referred to you by a friend or family member may try to find out more about you from another source but many won’t bother.

Rather than trying find information about you, they are more likely to search for another business that does keep their social profiles up to date and active.

Regularly marketing your good reputation to the top social media platforms is one way of sharing what your customers have written about you on local directories without you having the tooth your own horn.

You Post At Either The Wrong Time Or In The Wrong Place

There are many different social media platforms and you need to know your customer base to have some idea which social media platform or platforms they are most likely to use.

Once you pick the platforms that you think they’re going to be on, it’s time to create a profile for your business on those platforms so that you can become an active part of the community.

You, an employee or someone you hire will need to closely monitor each platform in the beginning so that you know what times of the day your target audience is active.

Some users are active before they go to work, some are active during their lunch hour and summer active once they get home from work.

If your content is posted on your target audience is least active, your chances of achieving your goals quickly, if at all, are greatly reduced.

You Post Content That Is Interesting To You Instead Of What Your Followers Want To See

People use social media to keep in touch with those they know and love or to be entertained.

80% of the content that you post needs to be something that they would find humorous or entertaining or it will be ignored.

20% can be about your business or specials that you are offering.

If you don’t follow this 80/20 rule, the chances of you connecting with and engaging your target audience is slim to none.

You’re Constantly Trying To Sell Instead Of Connect

The majority of the content about your business that you post on your social media profile on any given platform should be educational or informative.

As I stated above, the content about your business should only be about 20% of all of the content that you post and a very small percentage of that can be a sales message of some type.

Free white papers and educational PDFs are often popular.

Informative industry articles are a way to provide valuable content without investing a lot of time and effort in thinking about what to write.

Sales and other short-term promotions can also attract your target audience if you sparingly.

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5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Is Failing

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